Saratoga Cross Country Classic

Team Info


Youth Race

There is no youth team scoring, but USATF Adirondack is awarding the Top 3 USATF youth clubs with the most finishers $100, $75 and $50! 

Note that USATF membership is encouraged but NOT required to count towards the team member total.

Have a large group to register? Assuming that you would like to sign up as a team, the easiest way to do it is for you to create the team, and then have the parents register their own child by joining the team -- that way they are signing the waiver for their child and paying the entry fee. To do this, go to the online reg page and under where it says "Create a Team" click on the link for "Want to create a team but not participate? Click here to do so."   

Follow the steps to create a captains account, and then you can create a team (or teams) with a password, and can send the information on to the parents of your team. 

Alternatively, if you wanted to register ALL of your team members, you can do this yourself by entering their information into ZippyReg and paying for them in one transaction (well, there is a limit of 9 people per transaction, so you might have to do a few transactions). Just note that you would be signing the waiver for each you may want to consider having them sign a paper waiver (you get you one here). You would do the same thing as above (create the team first, and then register the students).


If you have a LOT of students - and registering them in chunks of 9 would be too tedious - but the club wants to pay their entry fees, we can set up a coupon code that you could give to all your parents. So you would still create the team, send the instructions to the parents, and they would register their child using the coupon code, which would not require them to pay. Then, once everyone on your team has registered, we would send you one link to make payment for everyone who used the code. 

Lastly, we can also accept Excel files -- we'd just want to send you a template to ensure we're getting the data as we need it. Just contact the race director.

8k Race

For the 2019 Grand Prix series, USATF Teams will be scored automatically, and you don't need to enter anything extra for the SXCC.


In addition, USATF is awarding the Top 2 USATF Age-Graded teams $100 and $50! For this, you do not need to do anything to declare your team. Just make sure you have at least 5 finishers from your USATF club, and we will take the Top 5 age grade scores from your team. The team with the highest average age grade for their Top 5 gets $100, and the 2nd place team gets $50. Scoring team members can be any mix of age or gender.

Note that for the 8k race, only USATF members count towards the team total.